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1. Put your full name, email address, and mailing / physical addresses on your submissions.

2. Include a brief author's biographical statement, along with a photo of you from which we can crop a head shot for the contributors page. (See Author Bio Samples)

3. Upload your submissions through the SEND PORTAL HERE.


All submitted essays and images must be the author's original creative work for publication in Tenkara Magazine.

What does that mean?

It means . . .

• All the writing in your essay must have been thought of and written by you for the purpose of submission to Tenkara Magazine.

• No part of your submission may have been written by someone other than you, or part of another work, or copied and pasted from other sources, or something that you have seen written, produced, or published elsewhere.

• Submitting material that you have previously produced and/or had published elsewhere is prohibited.

• All photographic submissions must be photographs taken by you.

• All photographic submissions containing someone else's likeness must be accompanied by a Model Release (i.e., an official document from the person whose likeness appears in the photograph, granting Tenkara Magazine permission to reproduce their likeness in an issue of the magazine).

A copy of the Model Release document is located on the Author Resources page.


Submission Deadline: AUGUST 1, 2015

What We're Looking For

Volume Three of Tenkara Magazine will be a collection of inspiring essays and photography that highlights the tenkara lifestyle. Submissions should be centered around tenkara and show readers how tenkara’s simplicity can be a tool for a liberating experience in the outdoors. This volume will include some instructional pieces but will primarily serve to inspire people while continuing to share the story of tenkara.

Suggested Topics

We love to see the creative ideas that the tenkara community presents to us for this publication, so please be creative! Tenkara inspires us in so many ways. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Your experience – How has tenkara inspired you in your life?

• TENKARA+ another activity – Do you include tenkara with other activities?

• Tenkara international – How do you do tenkara in your country?

• Tenkara philosophy – What deeper lessons does tenkara teach us?

• Tenkara and children – How are the children in your life inspired by tenkara?

• Tenkara flies – A step-by-step piece on how to tie your favorite tenkara fly or a story about it

Essay Writing Guidelines

• Essays should be between 500 and 1500 words.

• Essays should be submitted as unformatted, double-spaced Word documents.

• If you submit photos with your essay, please limit those submissions to your five best photos, and provide captions in a separate Word document, keyed to each image.

• All writing must be of your original creation. Your essay submissions may not have been previously published. See sidebar to the left.

Photography Guidelines

• Images should be high resolution and be submitted in .jpeg file format.

• Please submit only your best photographs for review.

• You must be the photographer and be able to provide a model release if someone’s likeness appears in the photograph. Please complete a Model Release Form to obtain permission from any individuals who appear in your photographs. This form should be included with your photographic submission.

• All photographs must be of your original creation. Please do not submit photos taken by someone else. Your photo submissions may not have been previously published.

How are submissions selected for publication?

While we try to accommodate as many submissions as possible, not all authors and photographers can be published. If your essay or photograph is not selected, please understand we consider many things, including available space, thematic content, and novelty of content when making decisions for what to include.

Samples of essays/photos that were previously selected

You can see some of the essays and photographs that were previously selected for publication in Tenkara Magazine. (See sample essays and photos selected.)

What happens if my submission is selected?

Whether or not your submission is accepted for publication, you will be notified by our managing editors after the selection process is completed. If your submission is accepted for publication, our managing editors may contact you to discuss your submission and you will be sent an author contract, which you will need to sign and return to finalize the process


Authors and photographers are compensated for their writing and photographs. If your submission is accepted, the amount of compensation is based on the length of the essay and/or the quality of the images. Tenkara USA offers a choice of compensation: a check or tenkara gear. The specifics of any offer will be detailed in an author contract delivered upon acceptance of submitted work.


Contact the managing editors for additional information about Tenkara Magazine submission guidelines.